Shed your winter coat in 4 weeks!

Gladiators, how many times have you heard the saying "Summer is coming" ? Well it's true and as we trade out our heavier layers of clothing, it is also time to shed those extra layers of body fat we no longer need to survive the harsh winter weather. 

Here are a few tips to help you shed those winter lbs over the next 4 weeks. 

Step 1: Re-balance your daily carb, fat, and protein in-take

Step 2: Get moving and incorporate a weekly exercise regimen that challenges you both aerobic and anaerobic. Increasing duration of time, reps, or exercise weight weekly.

Step 3: Make small weekly achievement goals to keep you accountable and motivated from week to week

Step 4:  Try something different. The body quickly adapts to routine, exercise, and even food. Commit to 1 day a week trying something different as it relates to your fitness goals. Taking a new class, running a different route, or even going meatless for 24 hours all fall into this shock your body needs to shed the winter pounds.